Body Beauty Massage is a BBB Accredited exclusive business. Coming to Body Beauty Massage is a great way to achieve the body you want from inside out. Teaching women and individuals how to keep they’re body beautiful by having a healthy diet, by fitness, and by learning how getting regular massages is a great and feel good way to help you get to your body goals.

Why Body Beauty Massage

Coming To Body Beauty Massage Is A Exclusive Place Where You Can Come With Your Body Issues, You Are Not Judged Here, You Are Open To Be You. To Learn How Fitness, And Having An Healthy Diet Combined With Regular Massage Sessions Will Have An Positive Affect On Your Physical Appearance As Well As Healthy Benefits Going On Inside Your Body. A Place To Get Insight On How To Make & Keep Your Body Beautiful.

Janika McDaniels

Owner | Licensed Massage Therapist


Hello my name is Janika and I am a license Massage Therapist (LMT) graduate in Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage in Hayward, CA. I am licensed by the state California Massage Therapy Council. I am an experienced licensed Massage therapist. I bring 12+ years of experience to my practice.

My massage style ranges from stress reduction, relaxation massage to sport massage, pre/post workout massage, deep tissue and prenatal massage all with a spa feel. My background experience is in nutrition, fitness and spas doing body treatments such as: body scrubs, body wraps etc…

My mission is to support woman and individuals in achieving balance in their lives through personal wellness. I intentionally creates a massage that will suit your specific needs, my serene approach offers harmony, balance, and ease to your busy life. I strongly believes in massage as a viable Modality for enhancing overall health and Helping you keep your Body Beautiful inside and out.