30 March 2017

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Interview: Janika Mcdaniels

Interview: Janika Mcdaniels

Massage Therapy and Why I love it!

Why Did I Become a Massage Therapist?

Well at 1st I wanted to go to school for cosmetology. That was my passion, But the school I wanted to attend had a 2-year waiting list. I had to figure out something quick…. didn’t like or want to attend any other cosmetology school. One day my godmother told me I should go to school to be a massage therapist and that they teach a little bit of massage in cosmetology school. But at the time I was like No, because I didn’t want to be rubbing on strangers. But after I had that conversation with her, I started to see signs, commercials, posters about massage. And I’ve always been familiar with massage, I ran Track and played sports my entire life and I was no stranger to massage. After talking with a few massage therapists I decided to find a school and find out more info. A few weeks later I went in for orientation and now here I am 12+years later with my own practice.


How did you first get interested in Massage Therapy?

Well at first I didn’t really have an interest in massage until I talk to a few people that was in the industry and did an orientation at a nearby school. Then the magic happen I was hooked, I never looked back I owe it all to my instructor. She didn’t always go by the text books, she gave us real life experiences. Because of her teaching strategy I felt I was prepared more than other therapist.


Who to and why would you recommend this industry? (mention flexibility)

I’ll recommended this industry to anybody from young to old, as long as you are willing and your body is in good shape mainly meaning your hands arms and back. This career is very flexible specially if you are working for yourself. You control what type of clients you get, less chance of burnout, more time with family and friends.


Why do you think massage therapy is important?

Well massage is important because there are tremendous benefits through regular massage therapy treatments from a licensed Massage Therapist.  Whether your need to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or decrease relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.


What are some challenges you face as an independent massage therapist?

There are a few challenges being an independent massage therapist. One you must do everything yourself like book keeping, making sure clients are happy, marketing, making people aware of your business. Not getting any injuries to hands or body.


How have you over these challenges

To overcome these challenges I have to be aware of my time…make sure I do my book keeping once a week or at least once a month. Also, attending to clients needs and follow up with them a few days after they receive a service. I try to attend events and other gathering to help people become aware of my business as well as being consistent with social media marketing. I also practice selfcare, I make sure I get a massage once a month to keep my body ready for my career.


How do you educate on the importance of massage therapy?

One way I educate my clients is speak to them directly, I always reserve sometime after their service to educate them on their issue and why regular massage will help. I also have literature that I pass out to my clients and people that attend events I’m vending at. I plan on starting monthly classes on the importance of massage especially in the black community.


Is massage a vital part of Americas Healthcare

No massage is not part of Americas Healthcare care. I will say it is catching on but not like in other countries. In other countries they value their health, most countries besides American have free healthcare. And if you go to the Philippines, Taiwan, Asia and many other countries massages are a way of life. You can get massages for $10 for an hour but in America we charge for everything, the going rate for high in spas are about $130-$200+ And basic spa range from $50-$90. America has a long way to go. In terms of healthcare, Americans have been taught not to take care of ourselves. We our brainwashing into over indulging, to destroy ourselves.


What is one thing people don’t know about massage therapy?

Well, let put it this way individuals can see massage a beneficial and it is part of their lifestyle. And People view massage as a luxury. One thing people don’t know is how beneficial regular massage is that massage can change your way of thinking, bring your clarity. People feel massage is only for folks that have money or have something going on with their bodies.


What change do you aim to evoke in the massage industry?

I want to change the way the black community views the massage industry, most think it’s a luxury that may not be worth the investment. But I want to change their views on massage…want them to see the actual benefits massage does to the body which is priceless.


What the best marketing you feel has helped your massage business grow?

So far what help me is word of mouth and posting on social media. But I plan on expanding that by doing videos, getting on the news, speaking at events, hosting parties. Anything to get people to notice my business.



What advice would you share to someone interested in becoming a massage therapist? 

Keep learning, this is an industry where new thing are being discovered like new Techniques, new vocabulary…continue education is key.