Massage Parties


07 April 2017

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Massage Parties

Massage Parties

Not feeling like hitting up a bar or club with your Girls, Don’t wanna be bothered by strangers bumbling into you. Body Beauty Massage Parties are a way to relax rejuvenate with yourself and your girls. Queens Night In, Birthdays Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Couples Night or any occasion. We provide Back Massage, Foot Massage, Foot Soak, Hands & Arm Massage & Face Massage. Also Add on a nice Luscious scrub to your service. We bring in license professionals to serve your massages needs.


Call us and we will address your Questions and concerns. All you need is enough room to set up a massage table or two, I will be bringing a massage chair as well. And a couple of other areas for foot massage & hand and arm massage. You can use living room or a spare room. During the summer we will bring the massage table or chair outside to work on clients. Imagine you and your guest getting pampered by a pool or Jacuzzi or even under the stars on a warm clear summer night.

Guest are more than welcome to bring head wraps so hair is off shoulder, they also can bring Robes and slippers.


Minimum of 4 to have a spa party
Choose 3 services
Small fee for add on services
Discounted products
Gift Certificates will be available
There will be light Refreshments
And for all guest a gift from Body Beauty Massage

Massage Party Details
Spa party booking days Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays
Depending on size of party service times will differ. Most parties run about 2 hours.
There will be also a brief talk about implementing self care into our daily lives.
We will come set up about an hour and a half before guest arrive.

Massage Party!

4 person party


$125 deposit $125 due at time of party


6 person party


$160 deposit $160 due at time of party


10 person party


$250 deposit $250 due at time of party


*All prices include travel fee

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